Are you allergic to SALAD!



Until recently in Simulation (Where if it is done properly we safely learn skills and make mistakes before we do them to real people!) there was no realistic way to simulate the suctioning of an airway and it was just either verbalised or the suction catheter was waved around in the air like a wand! With Suction being a critical part of maintaining an airway this seems somewhat remiss given how much money is spent on super advanced ALS dolls.


#AirwayNerds who have been on our courses have experienced the “Fear” and “Thrill” of the SALAD vomiting mannequin especially now we have a closed loop vomit circulation system! (Sounds technical like it should be part of a Dyson!) and this means we now have a way to prepare clinicians for “The day” when they find “That” Patient.


Some evidence for it HERE and a UK trial ongoing HERE.


We use a custom made item from Nasco  HERE  available in the UK from HERE


OR you can make your own from an Airway head and DIY parts HERE! 


Enjoy #AirwayNerds