Risks Of Hyperthermia


At this time of year we see our Cold/Hypothermic patients from outdoor activities and sadly commonly in rough sleeping homeless people. Temperature has also become an important part of our thinking in trauma in the Coagulopathy Triad.


BUT with the summer event season on the way and the recent trends for prolonged  heatwaves in the UK that we are poorly adjusted and prepared for then we need to also consider the coming risks of the Hot/Hyperthermic patients as seen in recent years with well publicised coroners enquiries related to heat related exercise induced deaths.


This chart from our current event CPD roadshow for St John Ambulance HCP’s shows the frightening  rise in mortality related to core temperatures in the Heat Illness (Heat Stroke) levels of over 40C. This emphasises for us the importance rapid identification and initiation of rapid aggressive cooling in this patient group.


Chart as enlarged picture HERE.