Mechanical Ventilation


Something we preach on our Pre-Hospital Airway and Ventilation courses is why and how we should use mechanical ventilation over manual Bag Mask Ventilation (You all should know the reasons #AirwayNerds)


Most current ambulance fitted models are either too simple, inappropriate for the patients used on or antiquated! So if we are going to use a Ventilator what would be on our wish list for functions:



  • Light and easy to carry (MOST important AND has a proper bag!)
  • User friendly, Pre-Sets and instinctive to operate
  • Ambulance Proof (That’s the level above Bomb Proof!)
  • Pump driven so will operate if O2 runs out and uses minimal O2
  • Therefore needs good battery technology
  • Adjustable FIO2 from 1.0 down to 0.21
  • CPAP (And BiPAP if possible)
  • Multi Modes but not crazy complication
  • Choice of Pressure or Volume Cycled (Or both at same time)
  • Monitors Exhalation so closer determination of Ventilation
  • CAN cope with CPR without alarms going mad or worse stopping ventilating!
  • Proper mount for Stretcher and Ambulance



If only that utopia of Pre-Hospital Ventilation existed (Maybe it does?!)