BSc Paramedic Practice


Paramedics deal with emergency situations and are often the first on the scene of an incident or accident. They can work as part of a rapid response team dealing with a range of situations and this includes ones requiring road or air transport by fixed wing or transport/rescue by helicopter.


Arguably, Paramedics are involved with a wider range of patients than any other health care professional. This is a role that demands not only an advanced level of autonomous professional and practical knowledge but also highly developed interpersonal skills with the ability to work under pressure.


This programme ensures that the student develops all of the knowledge and skills for Paramedic practice and also concentrates on the following themes:


The programme is delivered by ORMS using University approved tutors at Polaris Academy. It is validated by Robert Gordon University and is approved by the Health and Care Professions Council. The BSc programme is designed to run part time on a modular basis and is integrated with the student’s employment. There are step off points at the end of;



The following should be noted in regard to the awards associated with this programme:






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Polaris Medical Academy Return To Practice (RTP) Course.



Designed for EMTs and UK HCPC registered paramedics who have had a break from practice and wish to return to front line ambulance work. This 10 days course spread over 2 weeks covers the following subjects:


  • JRCALC updates up to 2020
  • Patient Assessment
  • Certified @theairwaysite Essentials Of Advanced Airway Management course.
  • 12 Lead ECG and Acute Coronary Syndromes
  • Certified NAEMT Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) Course
  • BLS to ALS ADULT/CHILD Resuscitation including ROSC and ROLE
  • Certified NAEMT Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) Course
  • Emergency Paediatric Care
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology including Neonatal Life Support.


Following the programme there are the options for mentored shifts to complete the RTP process. All students will receive a portfolio to complete post course.


The HCPC standards for Paramedic re-registration vary according to time since last registration. The guidance document can be found here:


Polaris Medical Academy will support the students in completing their portfolio for submission to the HCPC where required. The HCPC also require a minimum period of documented self certified personal study as well as a minimum numbers of days of supervised practice.


What’s Included:


Expert faculty tuition, Use of our Excellent facilities, All equipment, Required manuals for Airway and NAEMT elements, certification and post course support for portfolios.


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