Head Rotation for Difficult BMV!


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Thanks to one of our “The Difficult Airway Course EMS (TM)” Faculty Members for spotting some interesting thoughts on Social Media FOAMED streams recently for something we have to admit as #AirwayNerds we had not considered before! On our courses we look at 2 person TE grip as superior when done with good jaw thrust and head positioning and we talk about head manipulation to improve glottic view for Intubation BUT how about lateral head rotation for Difficult Bag Mask Ventilation (BMV) with a BVM?


Well it seems it may be an old school forgotten technique from when BMV was used more regularly and certainly in the non-trauma patient when you don’t have the benefit of a 2 person technique it maybe well worth a try rather than having to progress more quickly than desirable to a more advanced technique with the associated risks of being under prepared.


Original Article by the excellent VIKING ONE  HERE


Articles referenced for interest are:


The effect of head rotation on efficiency of face mask ventilation in anaesthetised apnoeic adults: A randomised, crossover study


Effects of head and body position on two- and three-dimensional configurations of the upper airway.


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